4 Reasons

You Need An App


Increasing Customers, Building Loyalty & Raising Standards

1. Valuable Assets that Attract

It's not bribing when it's reciprocal. A little of this for a little of that, right?



With every purchase of a particular service or product, your customer would earn points that would be collected and used at a later date to receive their favorite products at a reduced rate to them. Offering exclusive rewards to app subscribers means patrons are twice as likely to download your app thereby having more access to further your sales through the use of push notifications and other in-app promotions. One could even further this by allowing users to pay for their products directly through the app.


2. Creating Customer Connections

Gone are the days of Cheers "Where Everyone Knows Your Name" and Ma and Pa being the regulars in the corner cafe where the waitress has your breakfast waiting on your table before you even walk in. Oh... the good ol' days.


While those days may be gone from mainstream America, your customers still need to know that you need them and they will be more likely to purchase more products from someone they feel a connection to rather than just being a number on the screen.


"Being there" doesn't have to mean chatting until the wee hours of the morning. It means having such a presentable interface that the customer feels connected as soon as they hit your app. They get their questions answered without having to call that automated call center. They know exactly what they want when they access the app and they are taken through the process in such a manner that they feel like the whole experience was created specifically for them... even at 3am on a Sunday when normal business hours are not even a practical thought.


3. Building Brands Builds Trust

It takes 21 days to form a habit and it takes equally as long for a customer to make a conscious decision to know your brand. Build on that knowledge in a way that will gain your customers trust, which will then turn into loyalty and increased profits from your end.


Mobile apps provide brand recognition in such as way that users interact with you multiple times per day even without actually accessing your app. When your customer downloads you app, your image is placed (by default) on their mobile device homepage. Every time that person accesses their device you are there. Subconsciously they see you, your image registers in their mind as they scroll through their pages. The average American stays on their mobile device 2 hours per day. Thats a lot of impressions.


4. Bottom Line - Mobile Apps Boost Profits

Be a people pleaser! Everyone will love you and you're business will thrive.


Easier said than done? Not anymore. Mobile Apps have paved the way to perfection. Countless studies have been done that have proven customers buy based on their emotions. Treat them like royalty and they will, in turn, build your kingdom. If you are providing a service or product that gets people's attention, they will be more inclined to spend their hard-earned money with you than with Joe Schmo down the street.



Take the leap - you won't regret it.


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Creating Customer Connections

Building Brands Builds Trust

Bottom Line - Mobile Apps Boost Profits