Reason #8362534

Your Restaurant Needs

a Mobile App



Okay, so I don’t actually have 8362534 reasons written down as to why your restaurant needs a mobile app but thats not to say that there aren’t even more reasons (but would you honestly read that many?)


You absolutely need to have a mobile app in todays digital world if you plan to compete with the big chains with big budgets and even bigger followings. With 77% of Americans owning smart phones and the amount of time spent on smart phone apps on a daily basis is growing every day. But even with these numbers, WHY do you need a mobile app for your restaurant? Is it worth your investment? The answer is a resounding YES! Let’s look a few particular features that show the immediate value.




With this invaluable feature, you can actually know when your customers are within a certain proximity of your restaurant and you can instantly send them a push notification with a particular deal that will entice them to dine at your eatery. Unless you reside on Mars, you are probably in constant competition with other restaurants, coffee shops and even food trucks within a very small radius. With all the other options out there don’t you want to have a leg up on your competition? This resource is even more incredible if you have multiple locations. You can rely on GPS settings to detect which one of your locations your customer is closest to and send out that relevant deal for that particular location. Eliminating that dreaded “Where do you want to eat?” discussion that plagues so many people while getting more visitors into your place and boosting your business.

2. Loyalty Programs

3. Online Ordering

How’s your take-out business? Busy? Too much to handle while you’re staff is manning tables? Don’t put yourself through the stress of having to answer phones and hand deliver orders to the kitchen when you can have a mobile app that takes that order and sends it directly to the person in charge of fulfilling to-gos.


Offering in-app payments options with Paypal gives customers a secure transaction without worrying about where their information is going and who may be seeing it.


With food ordering options that can be customized with drill-downs to allow customers to choose exactly what they want and a system that can offer user-registration so that their contact information is stored and they don’t have input their personal information everytime they return. Feature your entire menu and include photos, prices and descriptions with each item.


62% of customers are less likely to eat in your restaurant if they cannot quickly and easily see your menu on their mobile device. Thats a big wager that shouldn’t even be in the discussion. Offer convenient order placement and the customers will be happy to shop.



4. Bookable Events

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